spiritual reason for mental illness

Extreme discontentment and negativity are passed from one person to another via a physical medium. Blaming others for the limitation and lack of joy in life.Pimples: Small outbursts of anger.Pituitary Gland: Represents the control center.Pneumonia: Desperate. Worry. “Mental illness is a spiritual experience.” This is not something you often hear as the medical community classifies mental illness as strictly a physical phenomena that involves chemicals in the brain. Any one of the various spiritual causes can result in a person being afflicted with a mental disturbance. Fear of the calendar. Feeling very put upon.Asthma: Smother love. Overbearing attitudes.Breath: Represents the ability to take in life. Dark future.Cellulite: Stored anger and self-punishment.Cerebral Palsy: A need to unite the family in an action of love.Chills: Mental contraction, pulling away and in. Refusing to release the past. Needing protection. Anger and punishment.Lymph Problems: A warning that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life. Sacred Ireland Journey OCT 25-NOV 1, 2020. Rebellion against authority. Feeling pressured and frantic.Hyperventilation: Fear. Trying to control everything.Bedwetting: Fear of parent, usually the father.Belching: Fear. Putting negative intentions into our thoughts and actions can turn any positive effort into one with a negative result. Without proper cleansing of this negative energy buildup, these people will continue to suffer in an expanding and unending cycle of abuse. Criticism, resentment. Fear of really seeing the self. We are not just a physical body. We cannot physically see the causes of mental illness, only the physical symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychosis. Longstanding resentment. All ways of dealing with experiences.Hay Fever: Emotional congestion. Self-punishment.Bulimia: Hopeless terror. Major thrust in moving forward. Fear, anger, hatred. There are a great many causes that have been identified, yet a plethora of them still exists that we have not the slightest understanding of. Stopping the process.Abscess: Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge.Accidents: Inability to speak up for the self. Blaming others.Uterus: Represents the home of creativity.VVaginitis: Anger at a mate. Pinching. Stuttering: Insecurity. Inappropriate timing.Mononucleosis: Anger at not receiving love and appreciation. Unfortunately, medical intervention can end up closing the spiritual doorway that natural law had opened for a reason in this person’s life. I don’t do enough. Lack of joy. Stubbornness, inflexibility. Holding on to old ideas. Fear of not being good enough. Can’t cope. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born. Another source of energy transference comes from intention, the personal energy that we put into our thoughts, ideas, actions, and even into the foods we eat. Anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness.Parasites: Giving power to others, letting them take over and life off of you.Parkinson’s Disease: Fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone.Peptic Ulcer: Fear. Rejection of life. Refusing to see with love. To begin to comprehend the spiritual causes of mental illness, it is best to first understand the remedies traditionally used to treat mental illness. Sexual guilt. Your support makes a huge difference! Getting stuck. Refusal to see another way out.TTeeth: Represent decisions. Liver is the seat of anger and rage.Hernia: Ruptured relationships. Resentment of authority.Left Side of Body: Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother.Leg: Carry us forward in life.Liver: Seat of anger and primitive emotions. Blamers.Epilepsy: Sense of persecution. Rejection of the feminine processes.Prostate: Represents the masculine principle. Our own intention is the key to our physical health condition.

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