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“I see ideas in many areas and if they seem to me to be viable I do my best to bring them to life,” said Pearl. For as little as $6/month, you will: We’re really pleased that you’ve read X Times of Israel articles in the past month. The company can already offer the UBQ material at a competitive price to other plastics, he said. Currently, UBQ is only producing the pellets at the Kibbutz Tzeelim factory, though they are looking to expand to North America. Pearl claims the process is profitable, though the company is still scaling up in order to be in the black after years of research and development. At the end of their lifecycle, UBQ materials can also be recycled in regular plastic recycling plants. (courtesy Caroline Martin/UBQ), Dried and shredded garbage is piled in the UBQ factory in Kibbutz Tzeelim, March 13, 2018. “When we were able to produce a commercially viable product, we said, there’s nothing more interesting than having waste bins made of waste,” he said. At Princeton and DePaul Universities, Palestinian students and their supporters have challenged the sale of Sabra hummus to focus attention on … The Associated Press contributed to this article. [6], By 2016, Sabra had gained a 60% market share of hummus in the United States,[8] and, through its co-ownership and sales channels with PepsiCo, was close to $1 billion in annual sales. I did it with the current product I’m working with, and I did it in synagogue as well. What’s worse than finding a mouse in your house at 4:30 a.m.? Sabra expanded its Virginia production plant in 2014 to produce 8,000 tons of hummus per month. The waste authority provides waste management and recycling for 1.5 million people in 13 municipalities in central Virginia, including Richmond. Today, the market has matured. That’s why we come to work every day - to provide discerning readers like you with must-read coverage of Israel and the Jewish world. UBQ stands for “ubiquitous,” and Pearl hopes the product will soon grace as many homes as his hummus containers. Prior to the acquisition by Strauss, Sabra had entered into negotiations to purchase Basha hummus, which was then the leading hummus brand in Detroit. Since the process does not use water, there are no effluents, or liquid waste products. “We don’t recycle plastic, we convert the residual material that would have gone to a landfill,” said Pearl. If Rebekah had just told Isaac the prophecy she’d heard about their twins’ future at their birth, wouldn’t she have spared herself all that subterfuge on Jacob’s behalf? Hummus has become hugely popular in North America in the last few years, with Sabra being the most popular brand and rightly so: it’s very tasty and available in the deli section of most supermarkets. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit), A cluster of bins made with the UBQ Material (Courtesy), UBQ Materials CEO and co-founder Tato Bigio (Courtesy), We’re really pleased that you’ve read, Get The Start-Up Israel's Daily Start-Up by email and never miss our top stories, provide 2,000 recycling bins made of UBQ material, remains important to continue to separate as many recyclable materials, approximately 1 in 4 American refrigerators, Already a member? Sign Up - … [20][21] Activists in the BDS movement called for boycotts of Sabra products over the donations. Pearl said it was a natural move to make recycling bins the first product the company offered. Possibly best of all, my kids love it! (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit/File), A tractor works in a landfill near the UBQ factory in Kibbutz Tzeelim, March 13, 2018. [23][24] In 2019, the Dickinson College Student Senate passed a resolution endorsing a ban on Sabra Hummus. The Strauss Group materially supports and sends care packages to the Golani Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces, a fact that was once stated on the company’s website but has since been removed due to pressure from pro-Palestine groups. Email Address. “Likewise, chemists have been trying to convert garbage to plastic for several decades.”. [19] By 2015, Sabra had established greater presence among American and Canadian consumers by marketing a "cultural movement" based on a desire for people to experience hummus as an old world food with new tastes close to what they already knew. [14][15] The company grew over 50% between August 2008 and August 2009. Get The Start-Up Israel's Daily Start-Up by email and never miss our top stories [26] Inspectors with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) learned of the possible contamination by L. monocytogenes after routine inspections on March 30 at a Kroger in Port Huron, according to MDARD spokeswoman Jennifer Holton. Marketers are wiser. [10] [11] The company was bought in 2005 by Israeli food manufacturer Strauss. It costs NIS 580 ($165) per ton to collect, sort, and distribute recyclables to the correct places. The small Tzeelim plant can process one ton of municipal waste per hour, a relatively small amount that would not be sufficient even for a midsize city. It's not really a secret. [12], In March 2008, Strauss entered a joint-venture partnership with Frito-Lay, a division of the multinational PepsiCo corporation. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, it costs municipalities NIS 270 ($77) per ton to collect waste and bring it to the landfill. 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