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All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, This Is How You Can Avoid Cavities, According to a Dentist, A Ranking of Bottled Smoothies, Strictly By Nutritional Content. It was that combined with its super-creamy, rich taste that won everyone over. Discover the fresh, healthy taste of our Oil-Free Original Hummus flavor. That email doesn't look right. Additionally, there are little bits of red chillies scattered throughout the hummus, which I don't love. I can’t say it was difficult to complete this task in under a month, as my roommate and I only take about three to four days to get through a container. If you like the flavor of roasted red bell peppers, then this flavor would be a winner for you. You tryna be tricky? Hummus! The texture is a bit denser than Original, and the flavor has a slight Tex-Mex tinge to it that transports me to that sweet-but-evil, guilty-pleasure feeling I get after indulging in a Chipotle burrito bowl. I am obsessed with Thai food and with Thai curry, so I was beyond excited to try this flavor. So I present to you, my hummus-loving reader, a ranking and description of all 10 flavors of Roots Hummus. All the people who work at our nearest Whole Foods can't stop talking about Roots Hummus because they’re all obsessed with it. Okay, I might be a bit biased with this ranking because I’ve always hated roasted bell peppers. Though the flavor is enjoyable, it lacks that creamy coconut-milk taste that Thai curry is famous for, and the texture is really dry. However, though the flavor of the garlic was tasty, it doesn't have that indulgent, salty, guilty-pleasure feel that make garlic dips famous. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Roots Hummus. The best hummus you can possibly buy. Loved the culture, the staff, the values, and the non-profit organization that the company has built alongside the initial concept. 3-Serve with fresh veggies and tortilla chips for dipping. I know, I was surprised too. If I haven't convinced you to go to your nearest supermarket and purchase Roots, you should know that Durham's Whole Foods has an entire refrigerator designated to it. "Mango Sriracha" is an exotic, flavor-punch-sounding flavor, but the taste of this hummus doesn't live up to its name. Our community is ready to answer. Outdoor seating in the River Arts District...only other places to eat as of now are 12 Bones and Clingman Ave. Cafe. Regular bell peppers are so good – why roast them and ruin them? I’ll admit, the neon-ish green color is slightly off-putting, but the lima beans create such a light and airy texture. Loved the culture, the staff, the values, and the non-profit organization that the company has built alongside the initial concept. Advertisement Share options. While some people found the taste to be strong and a little too bold, others felt it was a little bland and were looking for something more. This bulk brand actually has some of the most positive costumer reviews out there. Naturally, I'm a BIG supporter of this flavor. Roots. I was a little let down when it came to both flavor and texture. Hummus! I found myself struggling between Lima Bean and Original for spot #2, but I ultimately couldn’t abandon my first love, Original. The flavor they recommended to me was Mango Sriracha, so I have to admit that my hopes and dreams were a little shattered after trying it. Granted, the label gives a pretty clear warning about the high spice level, but the heat was admittedly too much for me to handle. Even if Roots now has more elbow room in which to work, the hummus market is an incredibly crowded field, dominated by big players. I took on the responsibility of trying all 10 flavors that the company makes (as a favor to you guys, of course). Hummus! Simple but mighty, our hummus is a plant-based nutritional powerhouse that’s ready to eat anytime, anywhere. 1 Roots Hummus, Original. Lima beans are a pretty bland tasting vegetable in my opinion, but when made in to hummus, they are flavorful perfection! They’re mushy and slimy and taste too strong. Every batch we create is inherently vegan and gluten-free. Hummus is my one true love. Don’t be discouraged by the name; the subtler taste of this hummus allows it to pair perfectly with anything. To achieve this, we craft 100 percent natural, non-GMO, preservative-free hummus. Roots is light, fluffy, and flavorful — I’ve admittedly eaten an entire tub on my own, in one sitting. Hummus! Testers described its texture as at once "too liquidy," "fluffy," and "coarse." Hummus! Help people considering your employer make a good choice. Lucky for you, I’ve recently discovered the best brand of local hummus to ever exist: Roots Hummus from Asheville, NC. Territory Manager/Brand Ambassador - South East Region. ROOTS ORIGINAL HUMMUS We were a little mixed on this one. Lucky for you, I’ve recently discovered the best brand of local hummus to ever exist: Roots Hummus from Asheville, NC. Every batch we create is naturally vegan and gluten-free. It's so dense dry due to the lack of oil that I'm left with a bland, desert-like experience. BUY IT: Roots Original Hummus, $5 for an 8-ounce container at Whole Foods What We Were Looking For. Roots was, by far, our favorite hummus. Same great Roots Hummus Flavor with only 1/2 the calories. However, not all hummus is created equal. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. Roots Hummus’ mission is straightforward: to make the absolute best hummus on the planet. This place adds a nice sandwich, burger, wrap, salad option...and everything that I've tried is great. Back to Recipe. My roommate and I ate the entire container in 20 minutes. Some of the tasters described this hummus as being buttery and smooth; certainly not something you hear very often when it comes to hummus. Roasted Roots Hummus Roasted Roots Hummus. 2-Using the chopped veggies, colorfully decorate your skull however you’d like. Just as its label reads, every batch is sacred. To achieve this, we craft 100-percent natural, non-GMO, preservative-free hummus.

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