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We knew when Regal Eagle opened someday we’d be definitely ordering the American Platter for $18.99 since it’s definitely “the American way to go!” You get to select three types of meat for your meal so we chose the Smoked Chicken, Smoked Sausage, and Chopped Smoked Pork Butt — the three types of meat we hadn’t tried yet! It’s likely that you didn’t come here for a bunch of photos of the decor and benches, so let’s get to the food. Sauces were always available to me, but I didn’t find it with sauce on it. Thank You. Two Regal Eagle-exclusive offerings are the Tennessee Lemonade Cocktail and the Berry Sparkler! Don't Miss Out on Any Disney Fun! One of our favorite surprises, though, has to be Regal Eagle’s selection of BBQ sauces! This space, the former home of Liberty Inn quick service, desperately needed to be born anew. They have gluten free wheat bread with a separate toaster used for gluten free. Wheelchair users also know, picnic benches are heavy and not good for you either. What I found was that the Muppets were better at comedy than creating high quality BBQ. Meanwhile, the outdoor patio is absolutely GORGEOUS! I really didn’t find either. Woody's Cowboy Camp Frontierland Walt Disney World 2006, Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial Show Walt Disney World. Oh, Sam! They were nice and crispy, without being too spicy! Regal Eagle Smokehouse Opens at Epcot TODAY! Google+. ». Lots of NC BBQ places in the Blue Ridge have sauces more akin to Tennessee “sweet” sauce, which is sorta, but not exactly, like a rib sauce. Let’s go check it OUT! I was very disappointed to find that my side order at $4.99 contained exactly THREE onion rings. The vanilla wafer cookies were nice and soft — it had the perfect texture and made for a nice, refreshingly-cool bite without being too sweet! . While you can certainly find vinegar based bbq in the Blue Ridge (where we happen to live), it’s really an Eastern NC thing (where my wife is from). We snapped a few photos of it before we headed inside, but trust us — as soon as people started getting their food, these picnic benches started to fill up quickly! Even though we were soooo hungry and couldn’t wait to dig into the new menu (which we’ll get to in a sec!) Sam Eagle has his own logo prominently displayed on the right as you enter his establishment. Or here to see the Disney Food Blog IN the news. It’s one of the many tributes to the Muppets. The Sliced Texas Beef comes mopped in sauce, which was odd to me. My berry drink was not blessed with berries like yours was. Full list of Disney Dining FAQ Pages, Staff & Regular Contributors But for others, the texture was a little too crumbly and the flavors were too aggressively sweet for a few in our crew. Head on down to Regal Eagle Smokehouse if: Given the price point, style of food, tasty drinks, and fantastic outdoor patio seating, we expect this place will be VERRRY popular with guests! You’ll also find packets of sugar, sweetener, and cream for Regal Eagle’s beverages. It seems like a no-brainer to have meat smoking on a wood smoker. See the entire new Regal Eagle Smokehouse menu here! The AMAZING Disney World Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Rolls (With Step by Step Pics AND SECRET TIPS!). I really liked their onion rings. or a Plant-Based BBQ Burger for $12.99 featuring a plant-based patty topped with BBQ jackfruit served on vegan garlic toast. FIRST LOOK: Menu Items Revealed For Regal Eagle Smokehouse Coming to Epcot This Winter! This Turkey Cupcake is a Little Late to the Thanksgiving Party in Disney World. The rings themselves tasted great. REVIEW! The garlic toast was very soggy, but probably just sat too long. Regal Eagle’s menu also includes a Grilled Burger for $13.49 that comes topped with BBQ pork and a fried onion ring (on more garlic toast!) Andrea, I would guess there are options for those who don’t like garlic. Terms of Service And what would a barbecue joint be without all those tangy sauces to slather up your food with?! While we thought the Beer-Battered Onion Rings were tasty as well, they weren’t as good as some of the other spots we’ve snagged these little fried goodies before, such as Flame Tree Barbecue — our favorite BBQ spot in Animal Kingdom! Click here to Subscribe! Is anything on the menu available to accommodate a gluten allergy? I ordered the onion rings as a side item to taste. Prev Final year students to boost COVID-19 response. Lucky for you, you can use mobile order to get your Regal Eagle grub — which we HIGHLY recommend doing! Privacy Policy I would order them again, if they provided more for the money. Your order will include a FREE instant download of the 2020 Edition of the Guide! The inside of the breast was quite dry. Regal Eagle Smokehouse Quick Breakdown Service: Quick Service Type of Food: All American Price: $$ Location: American Adventure Pavillion, Epcot Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Quick Service Credit Discounts: None Good For: Comfort Food, BBQ, Southern Cooking Menu: Official Disney Menu A Tour Around A look at Regal Eagle Smokehouse at the American Pavillion in Epcot’s World … The culinary team at Regal Eagle have been keen to point out that they are serious about their BBQ and intend to offer the real deal to guests who dine there. After a thorough (so i thought) discussion, ….we placed an order. This space, the former home of Liberty Inn quick service, desperately needed to … Nothing was hot except the beans, but the beans were flavorful. The Kansas City Smoked Half-Chicken had a good sauce and used a decent rub on the outside. It more tasted like it came from a rotisserie than a smoker. The sliced brisket was tender and easy to eat, so it was cooked at the right temperature and for the correct length of time. . A salute to all foods, but mostly BBQ. I with my wheelchair went to find a seat while my boyfriend waited for our order. We would definitely order this tasty sandwich again! Fountain drinks are self-serve and include a variety of Coca-Cola products just like the ones you’ll commonly find throughout the parks. And while some of us we’re huge fans of the S’mores Brownie (we couldn’t get the Banana Pudding out of our heads!) Just like you’ll find inside the restaurant, each outdoor table comes fully equipped with its own roll of paper towels — like any BBQ joint worth one’s salt should in our opinion! You can check out the newly-released Regal Eagle Smokehouse branded items in this post here. More tribute bunting flows through the space. More shelving adorned with copper pots, pans, and crockery highlight the little peek-a-boo window to the kitchen! Looks good to me, but I’d def start off with the desserts and the berry sparkler, then move on to the meat course like the brisket. I was served two ribs and one was an end rib and was too hard to chew on the outside. Let us know what you’ll be ordering in the comments below! Featuring a variety of meats and barbecue sauces, Regal Eagle is all about … It’s not a free benefit for coming to EPCOT. I was told it was not in use for day one, but would be used on select days in the future and could begin being used tomorrow. Your email address will not be published. On nice days, like today, you may wish to be seated outdoors. Both of us chose burnt end beans. For the little patriots, there’s a Kids’ Burger, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Chicken Leg, Chicken Salad, and BBQ Rib Platter! By Sarah *This gluten free and dairy free dining experience took place in February 2020. Even the new pickup windows are nicely decorated! It’s us who should be saluting YOU! Remember how we told you Sam the Eagle would be making an appearance at this new Epcot dining experience when it opened? Disney Food Blog does not claim to represent the Walt Disney Company in any way and is not employed by or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company. At Pig Fest in Lakeland last year, I purchased some ribs from a vendor. The soft, rich buttery bread added just the right element of salt to the sweet, yummy smoked meat! Photos and Videos! The brisket was super flavorful and moist! Had the brisket sandwich the first time and agree it is delicious. Typically, you would enter through the front, but right now with social distancing practices they are using the side entrance.

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