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Is your desktop just blank? Don't worry if you are having a similar case as listed here, you can continue reading and find the right solution to make your Mac desktop icon showing and restore all missing files on your own. Also, I didn't do any back up in the past to restore. Type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true and press Return. APFS Data Recovery: How to Recover APFS Files on Mac and Windows, How to Recover Data on macOS High Sierra (10.13), How to Fix "Mac Documents Folder is Empty" Error. Ensure that the “Desktop & Documents Folders” is checked. Do I still have a chance to restore them?". This page guides you to turn the icons back on, restore icons missing on Mac immediately. You can also use it to check if desktop files are hidden or missing. You can use Terminal to show them again. There is still a chance to recover the data content with the RAW Recovery method in our software. My Mac desktop icons disappeared, Mac Dock disappeared, and even the Mac toolbar disappeared, almost everything was gone. In Terminal, enter the following command and hit enter: Then turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold the Shift key. At times you might notice that files and icons from your Mac desktop are missing or they have just disappeared. Follow through the two parts below to display your disappeared Mac desktop icons and restore the lost files with ease: .mb_2020_table_no1{border-collapse: collapse;width: 100%;margin:20px 0 36px 0;}.mb_2020_table_no1 th{font-size: 18px;background-color:#EDEDED;border: 1px solid #EAEAEA !important; border-bottom:none !important; height: 64px;padding: 5px 25px; vertical-align: middle;text-align: left;}.mb_2020_table_no1 tr td{border: 1px solid #EAEAEA !important;border-bottom:none !important;border-top:none !important;padding: 13px 25px !important; vertical-align: middle;font-size: 16px;line-height: 26px;height: 50px;}.mb_2020_table_no1 tr:nth-child(odd){background-color: #F8F8F8;} .mb_2020_table_no1 tr:last-child td {border-bottom: 1px solid #EAEAEA !important;} .mb_2020_table_no1 tr td.forlist{padding:35px 25px !important;vertical-align: top !important;}. When you lost desktop settings, you can also try to bring them back by running Time Machine backup recovery. If this does not work, continue the next. The storage structure of the lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the drive. Now, click on iCloud and then, click on "Options" next to iCloud. Click on the desktop or open a Finder window. Step 3. Click the "Scan" button. See also: How To Restore Disappeared Downloads Folder To Dock & Sidebar In Finder. Step 4.;Click "Restore" to restore the selected file. Applies to: iCloud users who have set up iCloud to Sync Mac files, restore missing Mac desktop files from iCloud backup. The false operation that delete items on Mac. This website is not affiliated with Apple. It is a random thing and not limited to any specific app, or a particular version of macOS. Then turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold the Shift key. Since macOS Sierra and later, iCloud Drive uses the Desktop & Documents Folders to sync and store the desktop files on Mac. When you lose or missing files on the Mac desktop, try Stacks. Step 3. Tick the boxes of your lost files on Mac, and click "Restore".Â. After this, you can save the found files back to your Mac desktop and use them again. Step 1. Safe Mode is a macOS startup mode that can be used to fix issues. Check if the desktop files are hidden. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately scan your selected disk volume and display the scanning results on the left pane. This website uses cookies. Select the disk location (it can be an internal HDD/SSD or a removable storage device) where you lost data and files. Let's see how to retrieve the disappeared Mac desktop icons: Step 1.Connect the external Time Machine backup disk to Mac. Enter "Time Machine" from the Time Machine menu.Â, Step 2. Use the timeline or up and down arrow browse and select the backup point.Â. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions. To make everything work fine on your Mac, you need first display Mac icons using methods in Part 1. Pre-condition: You have created a Time Machine backup of your Mac desktop before the icons and files missed. In Finder, from the menu toolbar, click Finder and then select Preferences. It can restore deleted files, and data from formatted and inaccessible hard drive partition with simple steps. Step 3. He worked as a Senior Technology Director. Apple iOS Mac OS X Reports , Help and News, Last updated on September 1, 2020 By Serhat Kurt 1 Comment. First, restart Finder by first force-quitting it. The Free version helps you save 2GB files, so verify the recovery quality of our product before purchase. Removing these files may fix your problem. This changed desktop is very strange. She is a longtime Mac and iPhone user and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. You won't find lots of extra options hidden in a system of hidden menus, either; what you see really is what you get." This will overwrite the existing one. If this does not fix your problem, you can put back the plist files that you moved to the desktop. As stated above, your desktop items may be hidden. Note that the former method is presented, the more effective it will be.Â, Quick Fix. "Hello, after saving a .xls file on my desktop, all my desktop files and folders disappeared! A few times, during regular use, I found that the mouse cursor disappears on my Mac. It's super easy to recover 250+ types of files after deletion, disk formatting and virus infection. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can perfectly support all versions of Mac operating systems (macOS 10.15 ~ 10.9). iCloud Drive lets you store your Desktop and Documents folders. Furthermore, please ensure that you update your Mac to the latest version of macOS. It will bring you back to the date before Mac desktop icons disappearing. The selected items will display on the desktop again. I have also tried going into system preferences > general and organizing what appears on the desktop but there are no options there for organising folders etc. Step 2. Click iCloud Settings and scroll to the bottom, click "Restore Files" under the Advanced section. It is highly likely that your desktop icons still exist, they are just not showing. Step 1. Go to and sign in with your account and password. Do not worry. Applies to: All levels of Mac users to bring deleted files saved on Mac desktop from Trash. Moreover, if you only need to recover a few files less than 2GB, you may try the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. One of the most effective ways to retrieve desktop files is using EaseUS data recovery software. Being similar to iCloud backup recovery, if you have created a backup of your Mac files to a Time Machine backup disk, you can also immediately bring them back on your Mac desktop. When using Windows, under certain circumstances the Windows Desktop will not be shown. Many users have used this application to recover 200+ files, Keynotes, Pages documents, AbiWord files, MS Office files, archive files, PDF documents from Mac desktop. In Finder, click Go while pressing the Option key. The steps are listed in order. Keep holding the Shift key until you see the login window. By changing the Finder's default settings, you can effectively make the desktop display the missing icons again.Â. Note that there may not be the two of them. After finishing all the operations, your jobs are done. Your email address will not be published. There is more to the Dock than just hiding and showing. Hope this helps! In the scan results, select the file(s) and click the "Recover Now" button to have them back. So you should prepare another disk to save the files. By navigating around this site you consent to cookies being stored on your machine. Or you can right-click on the file and select "Put Back". Wait, There's More . Step 2. You can force quit Finder by going to the Apple menu > Force Quit. A file is saved as 2 parts on the storage device: directory info (which is comprised by file name, time stamp and size info, etc.) He holds a doctoral degree (or doctorate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and a master’s degree from Purdue University. "EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best we've seen. How To Restore Disappeared Downloads Folder To Dock & Sidebar In Finder, The Finder Can’t Quit Because An Operation Is Still In Progress On An iOS Device, Mail in Big Sur: Fix Missing Trash Folder, Flags and Search Issues, Apple Watch Unable to Unlock Mac after Upgrade, How to Downgrade from MacOS Big Sur to Catalina, How to Change the Login Screen Background in macOS Big Sur.

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