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Your guests will love this modern twist on a nostalgic favorite. "Perfect Duet," by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé. This song is full of joy, upbeat, and will have the rest of your guests grooving as well. Take a sneak peek at the hottest engagement ring trends for 2021 you can shop now—including the new "it" gemstone. If you’re looking for a modern first dance song that has an old-school vibe, look no further than this Leon Bridges soul tune. “For when I think I’ve lost my way/There are no words here left to say, it’s true/God gave me you”—perfect for couples who have been through their share of ups and downs. When it comes to first dance songs, the classics are the classics—and we'll always love them—but an old-school tune doesn't have to be your first choice (this isn't your parents' wedding after all). We love a modern-day cover of a classic song, and Haley Reinhart’s version of this Elvis Presley favorite is a perfect example—and certainly one of the best first dance songs. This song’s sweet lyrics make it a song that your guests will clap and sing along to. Chris Stapleton- Millionaire “Love is more precious than gold, can’t be bought and can’t be sold….” with the deep, raspy voice of Chris Stapleton. We cannot name all the great first dance songs. This is a bit of an unexpected first dance song, but it’s definitely a … "Ain't That A Kick In The Head," by Dean Martin 2. Your first dance on your wedding day is romantic, personal, and unforgettable.So, of course, you need to find the perfect tune to mark the special occasion. The political reporter and her husband celebrated their union with an art gallery, Elvis and thousands of tiny champagne bubbles. Just a fun song. This is why we have listed the most popular wedding first dance songs around the United States. These meaningful, The Best 2020 First Dance Songs to Kick Off Your Reception, 23 Anniversary Dance Songs to Get Married Guests Out of, 41 Father-Daughter Dance Songs You and Your Dad Will Love, 43 Mother-Son Dance Songs That Will Move Mom to Tears, 30 First Dance Songs That Are Modern AND Romantic. We particularly love the acoustic version of this song, which really let the beautiful lyrics shine. "At Last," by Etta James 3. The lyrics evoke memories of first dates and those first romantic feelings—so sweet! A wedding first dance song doesn’t have to be a grand and dramatic tune—sometimes a low-key song is best. With lyrics like “I won’t give up on us/Even if the skies get rough,” this song represents the fact that life isn’t always going to be perfect, but you and your partner will always be there for each other. Another of our favorite sweet and simple first dance songs, this one with an indie vibe. Here, the definitive list of the best first dance songs, based on their insights. This song represents a perfect pairing of pop stars in Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It's super-romantic without being sappy, and the lyrics are totally swoon-worthy. When it comes to first dance songs, the classics are the classics—and we'll always love them—but an old-school tune doesn't have to be your first choice (this isn't your parents' wedding after all). Another one of our favorite country first dance songs, this song by Blake Shelton offers some truly lovely lyrics. Oh, how we love a good Justin Timberlake song for a first dance! This song hit it big with Twilight fans due to its appearance in Breaking Dawn, but it’s made its mark in the wedding world, too. There are so many first-dance-worthy songs out there that feel just as classic and romantic—but still came out well after 1970. It’s slow, sexy, and absolutely stunning. Some of the best first dance songs are older classics (hello, “At Last”! Here, check out 10 modern first dance options to consider. It’s also a favorite as an instrumental processional song. Choosing the first dance song is of many decisions to make for your wedding. It’s perfect for a couple who supports each other through both happy and sad times. REALTED: 18 of the Most Popular First Dance Songs to Consider for Your Own Wedding This cover of the Elton John classic was actually the first dance song at Will and Kate’s wedding—so there’s certainly something special about it. This song is totally romantic, but ideal for a more laid-back wedding. It’s more difficult to choose from a list of modern top wedding first dance songs due to the massive variety of sources and subcultures of music these days. With so many first dance songs out there, picking “the one” isn’t always easy. Copy & Paste These Email Templates If You're a COVID Couple, 9 Relatable Bridesmaid Pet Peeves—Straight From The Knot Editors, 16 Ways to Wow Wedding Guests at Your Reception, 7 Things No One Tells You About Changing Your Name, 28 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Available on Etsy, 21 Romantic Ways to Decorate for Your Winter Wedding, DIY Wedding Favors Perfect for Any Budget, Shop Our Favorite Wedding Cake Knife Sets, Register Here: Our Favorite Wedding Registry Websites, The 14 Best Wedding Planner Books & Notebooks, Anniversary Gifts by Year: Traditional and Modern Present Ideas. Surprise your guests with this twist on the boy band favorite. More upbeat again. “Whenever I’m alone with you/You make me feel like I am home again”—those words couldn’t be more perfect for a newly-married couple! If country first dance songs are your thing, you’ll love this super-romantic tune. Alicia Keys, 11. Need a little extra help finding first dance songs you and your partner will both love? Here's a list of today's classics—a mix of mellow and upbeat contemporary tracks with that classic first dance song quality. From the pages of history books, scripts, celebrity gossip columns and more, we've rounded up the memorable matchups whose love makes us swoon. ), but there are lots of more modern wedding songs that are crowd-pleasers, too. This is one of the best first dance songs because it’s romantic and also a little sexy. There are YouTube stars, Top 40s, Indie, Spotify stars, and so much more. We love how the lyrics of this first dance song speak to the simple yet essential aspects of being in love: “You're the coffee that I need in the morning/You’re my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring.”. Of course, John and Chrissy are totally #couplegoals, but we also love how the song describes a love that blooms despite “perfect imperfections.”. Sheeran's song "Thinking Out Loud" has become a classic first dance song, but it's this song that truly gives us all the feels. Here are 11 classic first dance songs we're still obsessed with. This song wins raves from dance instructors for being easy to dance to. 1. Smith's smooth vocals take center stage of this stunning first dance song. These contemporary songs are super-romantic—and quickly becoming the new classics. First dance song list curated by … Another not so famous song that I think is a perfect fit for a first dance song. Get ready to swoon when you listen to this tune, one of the best wedding first dance songs. This artist hit it big in the wedding world with his song “You Are The Best Thing,” but “Hold You in My Arms” is one of our favorite of his first dance songs.

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