korean american names

One boy is (American first name) Ji Whun (Korean last name.) So, why not pick one from our list of 103 strong Korean names for boys. And still other will sometimes just have an american name as a nickname for fun. Baek Hyeon : Virtuous, worthy older brother: 2. Like Chinese names, Korean names are also made of two Sino-Korean morphemes. Here are 103 strong Korean names for boys and their meanings: Name: Meaning: 1. 85% Upvoted. So if you’re looking for strong Korean boy names, look no further. There are two types of names that can be chosen – Sino-Korean, meaning names that originally come from Chinese characters, and Pure Korean, using only the Korean written language. This creates a variety of meanings for each word; examples are given but for ones with more than a few meanings, they are noted as having more. Sino-Korean names are far more common, and parents will … His brother is Ji Young. Must Read : 8 Male K-Pop Idols … The meaning is determined by the Hanja (Chinese characters) that are used to write the syllables. Like Chinese names, Korean names use a family surname followed by a given name, and this naming convention is used in both North and South Korea. 51 comments. Names are very important in the Korean culture, as people often change their names for numerous reasons. report . My husband's paternal grandfather gave us the names for the boys. Sometimes, a gentle suggestion of strength gives more strength to a name than you can ever imagine. Unisex Korean Girl Names List With Multiple Meanings. Thanks in advance! This thread is archived. Many Korean names given to girls are often unisex and have multiple meanings. Related Articles. We’re thinking about future kids names and are pretty well set on an “American sounding” first name and a Korean middle name. Their sister is Min Ji. New comments cannot be posted and votes … Korean names are a combination of the family name and the last name, and they are used in the same manner by both North and South Koreans. It doesn't have to be an "American" name, we've just found that Korean names are a bit more "flexible" as long as the name is two syllables. Note: we want one name that works in both languages, not an American first name and Korean middle name. There are even beliefs that the name you are given or choose to go by can alter your destiny. There was something about consulting a fortune teller and studying the family name register, too. share. The reasons are various from having a name that is easier for their Korean fans to pronounce to just wishing to portray a different image than their given names. Some have two names just simply because they are both American and Korean while others may change their name to something american if they go to an english speaking country so other people won't have difficulties pronouncing their name. Traditionally, family names consisted of only one syllable which was later sub-divided into clans that are identified by specific places and origin. hide. save. My SO is Korean-American and I’m just about every type of European you can get for being 3rd gen American though culturally I was raised with strong German and Scottish influences. He died before the girl was born, so we did our best to chose an appropriate name.

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