how to remove acrylic nails

Acrylic removal is tedious. If you do not want to use a harsh chemical like acetone on your skin, you can follow these methods to remove the nails that do not require acetone. “Doing this leaves a rough surface that will allow a solvent to absorb easily,” says Sweeney. Follow our easy guide to remove acrylic nails safely without wrecking or ruining your natural nails. Yep, keep using the nail file. How to remove acrylics without using acetone: Acrylic nails transform your hands into something smoking hot, glamorous and divine. Acrylic nails seem to be the craze these days, but removing them may be a bit challenging especially if you haven’t taken proper care of them. The second removal method is to literally soak your nails in a chemical bath of sorts, using a small bowl filled with acetone. They can also be a great substitute when you get tired of your natural nails and just feel like ‘pumping’ them up. Method 3: Removing Acrylic Nails Using Acetone Free Enamel. Ways To Remove Acrylic Nails Without Acetone. Acrylic nails are best removed by a professional nail technician, but if you need to remove yours and can't make it to the salon, you can remove them at home if you're willing to take your time and follow the steps necessary to protect the health of your natural nails. The good news, however, is that you’ve arrived at the right page if you’re wondering how to remove acrylic nails because we’re going to show you not one but two ways to get the job done. Want to know how to remove acrylic nails? Remove the rest of the acrylic that's on top of your natural nail. However, they may look beautiful and stunning, but you should still know that in time they will fade away and lose their beauty. How to Remove Acrylic Nails. Soak, file, repeat — and be patient.

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