buy direct from farmers

Farmbox Direct offers fresh, organic produce delivery from our farmers right to your home or office. Better share for farmers. Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs allow you to buy a “share” of a local farm’s harvest. Resources to prepare for any changes that might occur in your local market. Rick McNary, an avid supporter of farm families, decided to start a Facebook page — Shop Kansas Farms — for consumers buying directly from farmers … Farmers markets sell fresh, local foods at very competitive prices. CUSTOMER RELATIONS. CSAs. Buying food directly from family farmers means that your food dollar stays in your local community—bolstering other independent businesses and the local economy. DIRECT FROM FARM. Farmers and consumers are frustrated, but the USDA seems to have heard the collective cry of the masses. Communication. Holistic customer support. Fully controlled supply chain. Questions to ask local farmers about how you can buy their products. FAIR TRADE. We offer free shipping nationwide. High quality to price ratio. Thanks to social media and other digital methods of communication, you can reach out directly to your local farmer and offer positive reinforcement along with your business. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Minimal hand changes. Hidden in a just released USDA report is … COVID SAFE.

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