best gamecube sports games

Choose from unique characters on eight different teams and build your career through variable missions and storylines. In Outlaw Golf, you can step into the shoes of all kinds of criminals and compete in 30 tour events. In each level, you can perform character-specific special moves and more than 40 different tricks. Power supplies are running out, and to save them, you must win the coveted Super Ribbinite. 'Flipside' is giving a stunning performance at Castle Coliseum. Innovative rushing controls give you a game-breaking ground attack featuring all-new jukes, cutbacks, and the distinct running styles of your favorite backs. It's a frantic race to the bottom of the mountain, so stick tricks on the way down to increase your rider's speed and power. Aggressive Inline also includes a Park Editor that lets you design your own skate park, complete with rails, ramps, and pipes. You can take your game against computer opponents or friends, or play with up to three other players online. No. Alternative gameplay options include Arcade mode, Challenge mode, and a round-robin Tourney mode with multiplayer action for up to six players. My fingers still bear the scars from a competitive gaming childhood. Unlock new game … Get ready for a major new step for the Tony Hawk series. Garrick and Chief O'Leary is trying desperately to drvive boarders off the mountain. The game features plenty of challenging courses such as Pebble Beach Golf Links and Royal Birkdale. Now you can jump 15 feet high to make catches off the wall, dive into the end zone, or pull off wild jukes. Welcome to's top GameCube Sport games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. With multiplayer options for up to four players, wild, character-specific power moves, intense minigames, and more than 50 characters from the Mario universe, Mario Baseball offers a complete arcade baseball experience. Create your own player, master new skills, and hit the streets both offline and online. With each event, you'll unlock new characters and better equipment and improve your character's skills. Every hit counts in this game, as injuries reduce a fighter's ability to defend himself. NHL 2005 also delivers all the action of the World Cup of Hockey with International Teams and venues from North America and Europe. Vote for your favorite video games … The new Owner mode allows you build and manage your own stadium in addition to your own team. You can master these new abilities in seven new game modes, including "crush the carrier" and "own the city." Redcard 20-03 shows why soccer really is a contact sport with over-the-top kicks, scores, celebrations, and tackles. Extensive coaching options give you the opportunity to take control of all of your players on the pitch and determine their formation and strategy. Backyard Football teams up with the NFL to bring kid versions of the best tackling, passing, and running pros. List of New and Used Products Sports - GameCube | . Street Hoops brings the aggressive energy and stylish attitude of street basketball into your living room. Without question, NBA 2K3 is one of the most accurate representations of professional basketball to date. Gamers can play as their favorite team from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the tournament in Germany. You can also play head-to-head online or set up a tournament for up to 16 teams. Create new dribble moves, flashy dunks, and tenacious defensive plays that express your individual style--all with a touch of the right analog stick. You no longer have to wait for league night to enjoy the fun of competitive bowling! Furthermore, the game supports up to eight-way multiplayer matches and features a plethora of in-game unlockable content such as legendary players and exclusive apparel. Disney characters step out of the movies and onto skateboards in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Now you have access to even more punches, including a new "haymaker" punch that is just powerful enough to knock down your opponent. The EA Sports hockey franchise returns with a host of new features in NHL 06. This year, new intelligent A.I. Shop By Platform. With solid gameplay and many additional features such as Pitching Challenge and Dynasty Mode, MVP Baseball 2004 allows you to experience the game like never before. This year's Tiger is more like a mangy tabby. Luckily, you're equipped with the latest in snowboarding gear to aid you in over 80 missions in eight intense levels. Dominate the mountain, and then test your skills online. With new moves, rosters, and the addition of the new Home Run Derby mode, this year's SlugFest hits home with awesome power. Track your team's progress as the aggregate results determine your club's position in the league table. NHL 2003 gives you the abilities of all the stars and teams of pro hockey, but it's up to you to master them. One to four players can enter a tournament, which rewards skillful play with trophies, badges, prizes, and secrets. Play in familiar courts, such as The Cage and Rucker Park, or create your own court from the ground up. Nintendo's foray into sports titles continues with Super Mario Strikers, a new soccer game that's unlike anything ever to hit the pitch.

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