ac odyssey fork quests

A lumber merchant in Chios city hired Alexios to kill the leader of Lesbos, who some claimed had been exploiting the island's resources to line his own pockets. With the blockade removed, the time had come to finish things with Paros once and for all. One of Kleon's agents was captured by the Spartans. When the Oracle told Supideo he would do terrible things to his parents, he locked himself in a cage. When tasked with picking the first strike against the Sons of Xerxes, Alexios had to side with either Periktione or Thyia. It was said to cure the saddest condition known to man: a broken heart. Elpenor asked Alexios to meet him at the Lost of Temple of Nyx once he found the Armor of the Fallen. She Who Controls The Sea Now that everything was in order. Poseidon would answer these questions, or face his own demise. Head to the bay at the West side of the island. It was as if the gods themselves had infected and cursed Athens with the plague. This is a list of Assassin's Creed Odyssey quests.Click on the title of the quest to get more information about it. No secret went unheard during the war, thanks to the ones known as the Eyes of Kosmos. Barnabas will ask you to bid farewell to the people of the island. To power up the Staff and move through this realm, he would have to both follow and defy the rules of Elysium as a double agent. Waiting For Galarnos Phoibe is happy if you save the villagers as she makes a new friend. Alexios could handle it alone, or let the begrudged Thasians have their turn. You need to investigate clues surrounding the graffiti in the area. In order to receive it you should talk to Zita and Zopheras. She does not appear to admit any guilt. With the list narrowed down to two suspects, Alexios was sent to investigate and uncover the spy’s true identity. There was a time when Arkadia was a prosperous land, and its Archon a just leader. The Unkindest Cut 0. What would Alexios do? Barnabas will give you this randomly when you’re aboard your ship. Must complete Training Days. She won a ship, and sailed for freedom, just like Alexios. This is a support quest for Freedom Isn't Free quest. North West of Sparta. You then need to defeat all 5 enemies in the arena. He sent Alexios on a recruiting mission, where he would have to free the minds of warriors under Persephone's control. A long-standing family feud boiled over after the theft of valuables and threatened to break the truce of the Olympics. Fight off the ambush. This is a support quest for Two Knives Against the Dark quest. Along with appeasing the god of the underworld, Alexios was tasked with helping Charon return things to "normal.". Alexios had to face Aristaios, a skilled warrior and smart tactician. The journey was coming to its end. To Help A Girl Suggested level 5. As we're all bound to our character, this skill, above all others, would promise him the upper hand. Alexios agreed to find out what had happened to the ship and its crew. You need to solve the mirror & light puzzle. It was only a matter of time until the Cerberus brothers went after Markos to split him in two. Lost souls wandered without purpose in the underworld, and it was up to Alexios to help them find the peace they deserved. Stentor asked Alexios to kill the region's Leader. Speak with Diona at the shrine. This is a follow on from She Who Controls The Sea. Speak with Sokrates and he will ask you, eventually, to free a captured rebel. Clear all the commotion and then kill the captain. It’s better to tell her the truth at the end. Combined, they'd unlock some great mystery, but first they'd need to be retrieved. You need to escort him back. Thus, Eppie set aside doubt and embraced adventure. If you speak with the priest you can let them deal with it, which means they kill the civilians. In Pagai by the dock. On the island of Lestris. They are marked by ! Xanthe was always willing to acknowledge good service. Grab the quest and head Southwest to the Fertile Battleground and save the man from the guards then head North West to town. As always with Sokrates, the outcome wasn't going to be as simple as it seemed. Return to the woman at the temple and either turn the spear or or tell her you didn’t find it to keep it. An old mercenary friend of his had been captured, and he hoped Alexios would free him. Photios’s Pre-Tirement Alexios saved an interesting old lady who asked him to get rid of some mercenaries suspiciously funded by a secret group. Grin And Bear It It’s on the Silver Mountains, South East of Athens. This is a support quest for Blood in the Water quest. A champion doesn't just need brute strength combat, but also lightness-of-foot. Would it cause turmoil within young Eppie’s noble dedication to Greek history? Hippokrates knew of a way to ease his pain, but too much could be fatal. Those days were no more. Destroy the grain silos nearby. Defeat the wolves, it’s a large pack so be prepared and return to the artist. Alexios's travels brought him to Makedonia, where a chance encounter revealed an ancient enemy from beyond the Greek world. Speak with Kleon after the mob cinematic when you first reach Athens. In Eresos on Lesbos. With Mestor's plan uncovered and the Persian ships on their way, Herodotos and Alexios set out to defend Samos before it was too late. If you pick “You’ll pull through”, he dies anyway. Alexios would have do some debt collecting to get back what was owed. Alexios had had enough of Markos's scheming, but the fun wasn't quite over. This quest will start automatically at the end of the Finding One's Voice quest. Once they are available, they are easily found just by looking at your map. All at once Alexios met the Oracle, renowned for predicting futures, and Herodotos, famous documentarian of the past. Simply put the man on your shoulder and interact with the back of the horse. Head to the Mycenaean Ruins to retrieve the vials of poison. A scholar, obsessed with finding a way to reverse petrification, asked Alexios for help crafting an elixir that she believed was a cure. After the “Cult” meeting. If Aristophanes wanted his next play to succeed in its critique of Kleon, he needed the talents of this man. Now it's also available as a Club Reward for 40 Ubi Points. Speak with Photios. And for that matter, why? It’s in the North West of Athens. Go to the Leaders House, steal the directions and return them to Obelia’s Associate. With Kleon's reign finally brought to an end, the only thing left to do was to return home to Myrrine. Deliver it to complete the quest. A priestess was concerned when a ship of military supplies sank despite her omens of safe passage. This one is found at a cave outside the city on the island. North East in Sparta. Alexios moved to uncover and destroy their influence before they could sway the war in their favor. Squeeze through. In Gortyn. Age Is Just A Number Fully clothed and key in hand, Empedokles invited Alexios to meet those who he claimed as family - the gods themselves. To reach the Spartans, he would have to smash his waythrough. Gortyn Out Of Hand Speak to the harbor master before freeing the captives in Skandeia Bay. Another quest here part of the main story. A new wind was blowing, stirring up the pious reputation of Phokis. A small, cryptic note left Alexios contained more questions than answers. Make sure that bastard is next to fall.". Concerned about her husband's obsession with hunting down a giant wolf, a woman hired Alexios to take care of the beast and find her husband. Athens's finest actor.

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