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Reverence for God’s written words doesn’t come naturally, sadly. If Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m, then the class might really start at 9:45 a.m. Kids need the appropriate tables and chairs for comfort. Is this answer to remove this valuable spiritual service? Ask the teacher or class pastor how you can help with the care needs of the class. The Sunday School department is the entire body of the church, including members, non-members, children and adults, administratively organized with definite responsibilities for; Ministry. You’ll get helpful articles like this one sent to your inbox. 3. You’ll need time to gather your supplies and pray over the material. Sunday School vs Real School. Take some time to get to know the children and build relationships with each one. 4. Use two Sundays a month to invite someone new to your home for lunch or an evening dessert. Friends: In Sunday School, your child will build positive friendships with their peers by discovering God’s Word together. Kids that see their teacher unprepared and unorganized will translate that to “She really doesn’t care about the class, or me.” Don’t wait till the night before or the morning of class to go over your lesson. Kids’ church isn’t designed for a detailed Q&A session, but Sunday classes can. They Are Not Sunday School Warmed Over – Pastorpedia on Small Groups. Today, public school systems teach our kids the “three Rs” but little about God or His Word. A systematic teaching of the Scriptures – not just preaching (Acts 5:42) needs to occur through all age levels. What is the value of Sunday School versus regular school? Mimi Bullock writes for www.Ministry-To-Children.com, a resource started by Tony Kummer to solve children’s ministry problems. Teaching of God’s Word. Sunday School encourages spiritual interaction between the students and the teachers, as well as providing a … 3. Learn more →, 10 Ways to Bond with Preschoolers in Your Ministry, Equipping Your Restrooms and Nurseries for Babies, Church Summer Reading Programs for Children, Managing Your Children’s Ministry During Summer, Reinventing Sunday School for the 21st Century, The Secret to Hiring & Retaining a Great Daycare Staff, Serving Others: Summer Program Ideas for Kids. I’m not convinced. Other terms such as “Discipleship Groups,” “Next Stop” or “Training Class” are also good. Communicate with your Sunday School Superintendent. A healthy Sunday classroom environment, centered around the Bible, will elevate its importance in a child’s life. This should be part of your weekly curriculum. Why do you think schools use the classroom method? It’s Fun: Sunday School is not Disney Land, but our teachers do work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant and fun for kids. Eat your breakfast. Don’t plan to talk the entire time. It is a comprehensive way of learning from one another and to receive encouragement to live by God's Word. We value Sunday School and gathering for worship so we make Sunday morning important. Assessments of Sunday School could get detailed in measuring the effectiveness of the curriculum being used, the classroom space or facilities, teachers, and the like. 2. Much care is communicated through good listening (see Increase Care in Sunday School by Becoming Better Listeners, Part 1 and Part 2). Sunday school and real school both have to deal with children that are restless. Preaching isn’t enough. Don’t “go rogue” if you are having difficulties. Sunday … Include a section for physical movement, crafting, and expressions of worship. These children worked six days a week, were very poor, and many were starving. 3. I’ve been working in children’s ministry for nearly two decades, and I never thought I’d see the day when churches would consider doing away with this valuable ministry. A Variety of Models. This is done by: impacting the rising generation, reaching neglected people, and equipping biblical leadership. Regardless of your starting point, attending Sunday School will enhance your spiritual practice. You will find some assessment tools in the Christian Education Files resource on those areas. Place star stickers next to each child’s name when they attend Sunday School. Sunday Schools are the Petri dishes for the future church. This format allows teachers to give kids more good food for thought. If you liked this article, sign up for CE National’s ON MISSION Insights for lead pastors. Originally, it was because in a classroom setting, kids were more likely to help one another and push each other along in their growth. This article originally appeared in the October 2012 issue. Service to Others Volunteer to follow-up attenders who are absent. Sunday school is important in the spiritual development of Christians because it provides a forum for learning. A person who lives ON MISSION is one who knows Jesus, is becoming like Jesus, shares Jesus, and is helping others be like Jesus! Real School … There has been a lot of discussion in my circle of friends recently about the necessity of Sunday School. Good Sunday School teachers realize the value of two-way communication. Attend an area Sunday school convention for new ideas and motivation. It’s Fun: Sunday School is not Disney Land, but our teachers do work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant and fun for kids. Some of my greatest revelations concerning God’s love and plan for me I received quietly in Sunday School. It aims at developing a society that believes in living with peace and harmony. Fellowship. Sunday school education intends to teach people the ways to adhere to ideals in life. Sunday SchoolIf you want your children to make more friends, Sunday school is a great place to find them. If you are learning how to teach Sunday School, there are some practical keys you should know. Children, youth, and adults need opportunities for discovery, review, and interaction as they study God’s principles.

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